Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jeremy Camp - "Never Stopped Loving" Review & Cover

 Jeremy Camp is a great singer! He has a very distinct and memorable voice. However, in spite of his many #1 singles, as a songwriter he is average if one looks at the CCM industry as a whole. I have been listening to his music since his major label (BEC) debut album, Stay. I have enjoyed his music tremendously but for a while I couldn't listen to it because his songs were becoming too predictable. His song structures and arrangements were driving me crazy. The intro., verse, chorus, verse, chorus, break, chorus, outro. structure just seemed monotonous. That is the pop song "formula" and he is a "Christian" pop artist but....every song! JC's new album, The Answer doesn't deviate very much from his previous work. Even so, it is a good pop album. And, if you are a Jeremy Camp fan, I would recommend you buying this new album

 The song, Never Stopped Loving is my favorite track on the album. It is the sixth song on the album which puts it in the middle with a mid-temp feel. Even though it follows Camp's normal pop song structure, I enjoy the melody. The lyric, When I have gone a astray/How you would chase me stuck out to me. There is nothing particularly new about this line but for some reason at the time I listened to the song it resonated with me. It brought back memories of when I had been away from the Lord and how He used circumstances and people to encourage me back on the right track. So, I decided to cover it. My version is guitar driven and I think it turned out alright. It will not get very many views on Youtube but that is not the real reason why I cover songs and upload them. Before I can cover a song, it must speak to me on a personal level and this one did. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by my version.
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