Hey, my name is Kevin. This blog serves as an avenue to share my original songs. I am a self taught guitarist and singer/songwriter from Texas. Music is life! That's what I thought when I was young. My dad listened to bluegrass and country, my mom listened to pop and light rock and well, I listened to rock, heavy metal and everything they listened to. I would sit in my room for hours listening to the radio or records (yeah, I was born in '72).When I was about 7 years old, I found my dad's old beat up acoustic in the closet. I would strum to every song that came on the radio. At 14, my dad bought me my own acoustic guitar; from then on I could no longer just listen to music, I had to participate in it. I tried lessons for about a year, but playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" just did not compare to learning the tabs in Guitar World, so I quit and just learned by watching and listening.

I wanted to study music at the university. I was told it was useful to know two instruments in order to do that so I started playing drums. Throughout my journey, I realized music does not equal life but it can revive, refresh and move people toward a more fulfilling life.

As a Christian, the Lord started using music in my life in many ways. I led worship for mission trips, youth groups, FCA meetings and have been a part of worship bands. When I was appointed as a missionary, as an act of worship and repsonse to the Lord, I wrote my first song. While on the mission field, many times the Lord used my guitar to help me destress. In that upper-room of our house, He started turning those moments into songs as I sat before Him rejoicing and many times aching inside. These songs are my testimonies of God's faithfulness. I have had the privilege of sharing some of these songs with the churches my family and I have visited while in the US this year.

While minstering in Japan, Jesus kept bringing people into my life who also loved and played music. I have been able to share testimonies with them of God's love and faithfulness through song. I believe music breaks barriers and I know Jesus will continue to use it as part of my ministry wherever I serve Him. God has gifted everyone. If you surrender your life to Him, He will use you and the gifts and talents He has given you to reach others for Him.

When I was 15 years old, I realized that the world was a messed up place and that I myself was a murderer, a thief, a liar and a adulterer. One night, a man named David told me that God's standard was perfection and those who don't measure up must be held accountable and spend an eternity in a place called Hell. My heart burned knowing this was true but, what could I do? He said that Jesus took the punishment for my sins when He died on the cross and if I asked Jesus to forgive me and take control of my life, He would. Everything in my soul told me that David was right. I gave Jesus my life on that night and have never been the same since. I still fail but Jesus will never leave me and He gives me the power to overcome any obstacle in my life.

Jesus invited me when I was 19 years old to teach His Word. I obeyed and went to college to study. After receiving my BA, I went on to seminary where I met my wife Donna. We were married in March of 1998 and graduated together in 2003. After graduation, Jesus invited us and our 3 children to follow Him to Japan where 99.7% of the people do not know Jesus. We were appointed as missionaries in 2005 and gave birth to our 4th child in 2006. We are still serving Jesus Japan.

It is an adventure walking with God. If you have yet to make the decision, I dare you. It will change your life!