Partners in Prayer for the Japanese
September 2019

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer;
and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”
(Isaiah 65:24)

Please join us for our ‘Days of Prayer’ each Monday – (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th)

 September 1st Praise the Lord for a blessed VBS last month! A good number of parents joined the last day and heard clear presentations of the gospel. Pray for the follow-up with these families and especially for a special follow-up event today that the Kingdom workers are inviting these to.  (Borg – Fukuoka)

September 2ndPraise God for the salvations of Su-san and Yu-san, followed by baptism! Pray for spiritual growth so that they quickly become healthy disciples that glorify God. Ask for God’s help and protection as they both strive to be good witnesses at their work. Pray also for the salvation of their daughter.  (Wattanawongsawang – Fukuoka)

September 3rd Pray for the Rokko Island house churches’ September BBQ, that it will be a good time of fellowship and outreach to lost Japanese.  (Cho - Kobe)

September 4th Pray for the 2 Korean Hands-on student volunteers as they extend another 6 months and for the 2 new Korean Hands-On 6-month volunteer students who will join them and the Kobe Team this month. Pray that they will be able to reach many Japanese for Christ.  (Weng - Kobe)

September 5th The Kobe team has built relationships with the local high school Japanese rugby team. The rugby team heard many concepts from the gospel. Pray that hearts yearn to learn more about Jesus.  (Hoffman - Kobe)

September 6th Thank the Lord that a new believer was baptized in August and she was able to join several other sisters and brothers of faith to celebrate the Lord's Supper recently. Pray she will continue to grow in her walk with Jesus and continue to share her new faith in Him.  (Gellerstedt - Kamaishi)

September 7th Thank the Lord for the ministry of a volunteer team at Sendai Station. Pray that those who heard the praise songs and received tracts from this team will come to know the Lord's love and accept Jesus Christ very soon.  (Park - Sendai)

September 8th Pray for Ms. Rina as she seeks to make steps toward emotional healing. She recently trusted in Christ and was baptized. Join her in prayer for a more stable life and the possibility of getting a job.  (Hoshizaki - Kamaishi)

September 9th DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING for the East Asian Peoples and Japan’s city of Osaka. With a population of 2.7 million, Osaka is located on the main island of Japan. The name “Osaka” means “large hill” or “large slope.” Less than 1 percent of its residents are Christian. Originally known as Naniwa, Osaka has hundreds of bridges to cross its many rivers and canals. “The 808 bridges of Naniwa” was an expression in old Japan for awe and wonder, symbolizing something that couldn’t be counted. Historically, Osaka has been the commercial center of Japan; it now functions as one of the command centers for the Japanese economy. Osaka was the industrial center key to the development of capitalism in Japan. It’s population surges to 3.7 million every work day. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Just as the name means, pray that Christians in Osaka will have such a strong witness that they would lead all Japanese Christians to be bold in their faith so that many would come to the Light and be saved.

September 10thKazumi, a volunteer from the United States, will be serving again in Kamaishi and Otsuchi from today to the 13th. Pray as she shares Christ’s love meeting with some people for the first time and also reconnecting with those she has previously ministered to.  (Hoshizaki - Kamaishi)

September 11thAt a recent Bible study, a national believer admitted that while he was open about his faith with unbelieving friends, he has never shared the gospel with them. Pray for confidence and courage for the local church to proclaim the risen Messiah who will restore all who have faith.  (Sargent - Tokyo)

September 12thPray for Praise Church in Musashisakai as they pursue young families and college students. Pray for students at three key universities in the area to connect to the church and come to faith in Christ. Pray also for young non-believing moms that they will connect to moms in the church and
open their hearts to Christ.  (Hite – Tokyo) 

September 13th Praise the Lord! Endo-san, a homeless man, was baptized after confessing his faith in Jesus! The mark of a disciple is that of making other disciples. Endo-san was led to the Lord by other homeless men. Pray that he also will become a disciple who makes other disciples.  (Bennett - Tokyo)

September 14thPray that God would touch H-san and heal her of an illness that she has had for several years. Pray that as her mother sees this miracle of healing, she will open her heart to hear about the good news and want to give her life to Jesus.  (Bae – Tokyo)

September 15th Continue to pray for 5 small businesspeople’s groups meeting in various locations across Tokyo each week. Ask the Father to bring more businesspeople to these groups and to use the times to study the Word and pray together for strengthening the faith of those attending as well as provide a place to invite colleagues.  (Walker - Tokyo)

September 16thPray for new friendships to develop in the neighborhood where the Fosters have recently moved to. Ask the Lord to send Japanese who are interested in international friendships to open their hearts and homes to spend time together this month. Pray that God’s love would shine into these lives.  (Foster - Tokyo)

September 17th Pray for the Japanese of Yokosuka as the Kanagawa team re-evaluates the ministry they have been doing there. Ask the Lord to draw people to Himself as the team seeks guidance on how to best do ministry in that city, and to raise up workers to make disciples in Yokosuka.  (Queen – Yokohama)

September 18th Pray for Ken, a retired Japanese businessman. He understands the basics of what Christianity is but is not yet a believer. Pray that he will come to understand the gospel and believe.  (Carollo – Yokohama) 

September 19th A volunteer team from Atlanta arrives today to seek a vision of Kingdom work with the West Japan Team and their Japanese partners. Pray for God’s leading and that all be encouraged during their visit. Pray also for the Community Class to be held during this time that the participants’ hearts be softened towards the gospel.  (Wattanawongsawang – Fukuoka)

September 20th Pray for the sports ministry team at Tokyo Baptist Church as they pilot sports outreach events during the Rugby World Cup this month. These events will be held today, tomorrow and  the 28th. Pray for Japanese to want to attend these events that will help sharpen ministry plans for the Olympics next year.  (Rice - Tokyo)

September 21st Pray for the father of a dear sister in the Lord who has a life-threatening disease, and the doctors say he may not have much time. As this sister continues to share the gospel with her father, pray he doesn't delay in accepting the gift of salvation.  (Patterson – Yokohama)

September 22nd T-san, a local chef, recently heard about salvation in Christ through the testimony of Whitney. While visiting this particular business, the manager began to converse and showed interest in discussing Christianity. Pray that T-san would find time off from work on Sundays to attend worship and also that his interest would grow regarding who Jesus is.  (Jackson - Osaka)

September 23rd For years, H-san has struggled with what it means to be a Christian. Recently she asked, “You mean if I want to believe, I can ask Jesus for help?” Pray for H-san to be Holy Spirit nudged to ask for faith very soon.  (Peevy – Osaka)   
Continue to pray for Japanese believers in T’s church and K’s church to continue to grow and for Japanese unbelievers to be receptive to the gospel.  (Kunkel - Osaka)

September 24th Pray for the outreach event at a church in central Tokyo today as a volunteer team of ladies come from Macon, GA. Ask the Lord to lead ladies to this English café’ time where they will interact with these Christian ladies through art. Pray that church members will join so they can make connections. (Walker - Tokyo)

September 25thYou’ve prayed for a young lady in Liz’s church who’s a new Christian and was diagnosed with a terminal disease. She’s undergone treatment and surgery, and is now receiving more treatment. Pray for complete healing and her family’s salvation. May all witness God’s presence and power in her and her fiancé’s lives.  (Welsch - Osaka)

September 26th A church member has requested biblical counseling with Barb. Y-san has moved to a group home. Pray that she will receive and respond well to this counseling. Ask that Barb will always have a Japanese Christian go with her to counsel which will provide accountability and also training in biblical counseling.  (Dunbar – Osaka)

September 27thIt is always encouraging to know of an answer to prayer. You prayed that Ma-san and Me-san would be able to find time to consistently meet together for discipleship and be mutually encouraged to grow together. Praise the Lord they have found time to meet together and are growing!  (Lim - Osaka)
Our small house church has seen a steady flow of non-Christian Japanese visitors. Some are responding with a lot of interest. Pray our church can welcome them and communicate the gospel clearly and that they will come to faith in Christ.  (Fleming - Osaka)

September 28thThank you for continuing to pray for university students Ri-san and Masa-san as they travel as exchange students separately to America and Ireland. Pray that the Lord would continue to surround them with Christians who will continue to share God's love with them both.  (Wright – Takasaki)   

September 29th Pray for Aki-san, who has attended the church plant in Takasaki for several months and has heard the gospel several times. She says she thinks Christianity fits with American culture. Pray that she would see that God is creator of all people and that His salvation is meant for all nations, including her own!  (Gagliano – Takasaki)

September 30thPraise God for Ro-san and Rie-san!  Ro-san has started to grow deeply in his relationship with Jesus, and he’s thirsting for God’s Word more and more each day! Rie-san is seeking to know this God of the Bible more deeply than ever, and she’s getting closer to saying “Yes” to Jesus!  (Day – Takasaki)  
Pray for Ch-san who has been seeking and asking good questions about the Bible, she has been eagerly participating in gatherings of the Takasaki church. Pray that God would reveal who He truly is and the depths of His love for her and her family.  (Jones – Takasaki)  

Thank you for praying faithfully for the salvation of the Japanese!

We appreciate you and are encouraged by your partnership with us!

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