PRAY 4 JAPAN: April 2019

Partners in Prayer for the Japanese
April 2019

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer;
and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”
(Isaiah 65:24)

Please join us for our ‘Days of Prayer’ each Monday – (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th)

April 1st Y-san skipped going to school last year, but in God’s providence he met Jack and Prinna, spent time with Christians, joined Community Class and went to the church plant’s service for his 1st time! Pray for protection as he starts his new classes at a new high school and more time to hear God’s Word. 
(Wattanawongsawang – Fukuoka)

April 2nd S-san is a vibrant new believer with an amazing testimony. She is now desiring baptism but due to what the family business is, there could be serious opposition from in-laws. Pray that the Lord will
protect her and give her the courage to follow Him in obedience despite the cost.  (Borg – Fukuoka)

April 3rd Pray for I-san who attended Christian schools, but joined a sect seeking happiness. After 8 years with no peace, she contacted a Christian friend and attended a Christmas worship service where she wept over Jesus' death for her sins. Two months later, she received Jesus as her Savior and found peace. On the day she was baptized, she brought all things related to Soka Gakkai to be destroyed
showing that she had completely abandoned these idols.  (Cho - Kobe)

April 4th Two new Korean Hands-On students and one new journeyman, Brandon Hoffman, have arrived in Kobe and begun ministry. Pray for these two girls over the next six months and for Brandon over the next two years to make an impact reaching Japanese college students.  (Weng - Kobe)

April 5th A weekly Bible study was recently started in Yokosuka. Ask God to gather a core group of
people the Kanagawa team can disciple and with whom they can start a church. Pray for the spiritual growth of two new sisters who came to faith during the Bible study.  (Queen – Yokohama)

April 6th Continue to pray for M-san, who at the end of recent Bible study, said she believes she will soon become a child of God, but wants more time as she realizes this will be a big decision for her. Pray she will step out in faith and give her life to Christ.  (Patterson – Yokohama)

April 7th Bob and Gloria will be hosting their monthly Bible study in their home on Easter Sunday. Ask the Lord of the harvest to bring these who do not know the Resurrected Savior to Himself.  (Gellerstedt - Kamaishi)

April 8th DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING for the East Asian Peoples and Japan’s megacity of Tokyo. If Japan can be likened to a computer, then Tokyo is the central processing unit of the entire country. As Tokyo goes, so goes Japan because Tokyo has such a tremendous influence on every aspect of Japanese life. Looking at a map of Japan, Tokyo is located on Japan’s main island of Honshu as the literal heart of the nation. Long ago Tokyo started out as a small fishing village named Edo but nowadays is consistently ranked at the top of the world’s largest metropolitan areas at more than 35 million people. An interesting fact is that Tokyo has been awarded more Michelin stars than any city in the world. Pray for those whose calling is to fish for men and share the bread of life with the masses in this busy, strategic, influential, needy place. Ask for a mega harvest!

April 9thMrs. K. is a member of Iwanuma Chapel. It is difficult for her to participate in Bible study every week. However, she brought her husband and mother-in-law to worship recently. Pray for her to be a committed servant of the Lord.  (Park - Sendai)

April 10th A largely non-Christian group the Quallses have gathered with monthly since last August has invited Kevin to share a talk and song concert Easter weekend. Thank you for praying for God to speak to each heart.  (Qualls - Sendai)

April 11th While sharing the gospel with a friend over ramen, the shop owner asked what they were
discussing. To Trey’s surprise, his friend (who was hearing about Jesus for the first time) retold the
gospel to the ramen shop owner! Pray the gospel reaches many Japanese ears in surprising ways.  (Fleming - Osaka)

April 12th Pray for a group of neighbor mothers that missionaries are meeting monthly. The moms (most of whom are not Christians) are learning and discussing biblical principles for parenting. Ask that the
Father opens each one’s heart to His love for them and shows them that only He can empower them to parent effectively.  (Welsch and Dunbar - Osaka)

April 13th Today, there will be a seminar to help Japanese pastors develop a vision for leading their churches to engage the lost with the gospel. Pray that Japanese pastors will attend and will be encouraged as they lead their churches to reach out to the lost.  (Broeker - Tokyo)

April 14th Pray for Yu and her husband to figure out a life/job option where they can continue living
together. Ask for God to grow their faith during this time of hardship and that they both will have peace as they trust in Him.  (Lim - Osaka)

April 15th Pray for Japanese students returning from study abroad programs to Osaka. Many have heard the good news and are interested in Christ. Pray against the enemy plucking away the gospel seeds that were planted as they re-enter.  (Peevy - Osaka)

April 16th Easter is a great time to invite friends to church! Pray for the members of Osaka Hope
Community as they seek to invite friends and family to worship. Ask that this season bring a great
harvest of new brothers and sisters in Christ.  (Seelen - Osaka)

April 17th Pray for K-san who came to Steven’s church. Ask that K-san will open his heart to Christ and that Steven might continue to be a godly influence in his life as he continues to share God’s good news.  (Kunkel - Osaka)

April 18th M-san is an unbeliever and looking for a job. He is seeking after spiritual things and attending a Bible study at Mizuho Church. The church members have all been intentional in speaking to him, building relationships and praying for him. Ask that he will believe in the Lord God who can supply his every need!  (Sizemore – Nagoya)

April 19th Pray for N-san and his wife as they begin a new role as leaders of a local church in Nagoya. Pray that they will seek the Father’s will for reaching their community and align their hearts with the heart of Christ.  (Day – Nagoya)

April 20th Several missionaries and the local churches in Kamaishi and Otsuchi will partner together to have an Easter event at the Kamaishi Civic Hall today. Pray that families with children will attend to learn and hear the good news of the resurrection of Christ and pray for good follow-up.  (Hoshizaki - Kamaishi)

April 21st Pray with Mitch that the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth of the gospel to T-san and he will be motivated to live every aspect of his life for Christ. T-san has realized that his desire to study has been fueled only by the motivation to get good grades and he has sacrificed many things to achieve that
shallow goal.  (Varnum – Nagoya)

April 22nd Recently Jared was reacquainted with M-san whom he has not seen in several years. Many things have happened in M’s life and brought him to the place of desiring to study the Bible. Pray for
M-san on this new journey to Christ.  (Jones – Takasaki)

April 23rd Pray for H-san, a high schooler, who wants to read the whole Bible! As she meets with Shery Ann, ask that she will not only read the Bible when they meet together, but that she would really crave God’s Word and understand more about Jesus and His love for her and want to read it on her own.  (Wright – Takasaki)

April 24th Pray for A-san, a lady who has started to attend the Takasaki church plant and English events. She is going through a big transition and is looking for hope. Pray that she would listen as members share where their true Hope comes from and that she would believe!  (Gagliano – Takasaki)  Also pray for K-san who recently attended the church plant as well. Pray the even as the Jacksons transition to Osaka,
K-san would continue to attend and be open to the truth of God’s Word.  (Jackson – Takasaki)

April 25th Pray for the beginning of new outreach events at Myogodani Christ Church and the Easter event for children scheduled for Easter Sunday. Ask the Lord to bring new children, young adults and families to these events as they begin a new church year this month.  (Walker - Tokyo)

April 26th Today, a local outreach-minded church and nearby missionaries will launch a monthly English Bible reading meeting targeting young professionals. As you pray God will lead spiritually open Japanese to attend, ask that they will understand the Gospel, accept Christ, and become the foundation for a new church plant.  (Oue – Tokyo)  Pray for God to send Japanese people of peace to help the Hites in their new life and adjustments in Tokyo. Pray also for divine appointments this month.  (Hite - Tokyo)

April 27th Pray for K-san’s heart to be open to the gospel and that she would recognize her need for a Savior and come to know Him. Pray for the Rices to communicate well in their last month of language study with her.  (Rice- Tokyo)

April 28th Little by little, the seed of the good news has grown in H-san’s heart. In the right time, he confessed his faith in Jesus and was baptized in March! Pray for his faith to grow each day through small group time at Sidewalk Chapel.  (Bennett - Tokyo)

April 29th Mr. T’s wife had been praying for his salvation ever since they met a few years ago. Finally, this last month, after his first time attending a worship service, he professed faith in Jesus! Pray for him as he prepares for baptism this month.  (Cole - Tokyo)

April 30th – Pray for Pastor J and his wife. They recently had their first child. The church plant they are pastoring is full of young people ready to start families. Pray that God blesses this young church and raises up many God-fearing families.

Thank you for praying faithfully for the salvation of the Japanese!
We appreciate you and are encouraged by your partnership with us!

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