Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Come To Me"

When I got back from Ishinomaki, Japan on the 29th of March, I started writing this song. Trying to deal with it all. When I was in the midst of the aftermath, I kept hearing the Lord say "I am here. They just need to come to Me" The Lord Jesus is the only one who can give peace and healing at such a time as this. The effect of the disaster still rage. Thier are still people who are having trouble getting food but more than that now they are needing spiritual and emotional healing. They have suffered, lost and are feeling the emotional weight of it all. Please, Please continue to pray that those who are suffering will find rest and healing in Jesus, the ONLY true source for both.



  1. Awesome work Kev.....it is beautiful and I can hear Jesus voice through you call His people to Him. My prayers are THEY will hear His voice.
    Beautiful Beautiful song....what a blessing.
    Love you so much, Mom

  2. Kevin, that is awesome! We are praying for you, Donna, and the kids. We are praying for the people of Japan. Thank you for giving us words to pray as we will ask the LORD to help the people come to Him! We love you guys.

    Joe Echols

  3. Kevin, what an amazing and beautiful song the
    Lord has given you...we pray that the Lord will use it to reach many people with His saving grace...with our prayers and love in Christ...
    Earnest and Anita

  4. Kevin,

    Praying for you and your family as you allow God to minister hope and love through you to the people of Japan. Beautiful Song :)