Thursday, September 22, 2016


Hello Friends,

What's been going on in my world lately? Well.....glad you asked!

For the past TWO months I have been talking to my family & friends via a portable dry erase board. Why?.....GOOD QUESTION...vocal cord problems.

                  I was singing until late one night in early Sept. and started feeling my cords start to swell.

I stopped singing, drank some water and didn't think much about it.

      I went to bed......but, the next morning I couldn't hardly speak.

As my day progressed, I felt a feeling I never felt before...vocal fatigue.
                                            I DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE!

Scared to death that I may never sing again, I searched the internet for answers (NEVER DO THAT!), asked friends for advice (THAT WAS GOOD!), went twice to an ENT (SHE COULDN'T HELP) but....she did refer me to another ENT who specializes in vocal cord damage

Long story short.....I've been on vocal rest again for the past two weeks per doctor's orders. He looked at my cords via fiber-optic camera through my nostril (DID NOT FEEL GOOD!

                      He said, my cords had hardened but there is no permanent damage (nodules, polyps, etc..). I go back to him tomorrow for a check-up. Praying for good news and......
                                                     GET OFF THIS VOCAL REST!


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