Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hello Everyone,

God has retored all the data on my music hard drive! So, we're back in business!
I will begin recording again next month while we are in America.

Please keep praying . There is talk about outside financing for the mixing , mastoring and distribution of this project. It's all set in play doh right now but keep praying and we'll see what happens.

We are returning to the U.S. soon for a little while. So, Choumegaoka Baptist Church, where we have been attending the last 3 and a half years here in Sendai, asked if I would preach our last Sunday there. After the service the church had a farewell party for us.
 I preached on Psalm 121. At the end my message, I played a song I had written using verses from Psalm 121. Hopefully this song will end up on the current project I'm recording. 
We will miss our friends in Japan while we are in American but, God willing we'll be back soon to minister along side them once again for the salvation of the Japanese.

Blessings and thanks for listening,


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