Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for continuing to view this music blog. Many of you know, I have applied again to be a part of the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival here in Sendai. I want it to be a ministry and opportunity to share Jesus. I spent last Friday with a good friend of mine who also likes music. He is a part of another music group who will also be performing at the jazz fest. I was asking him about a good Japanese folk song to sing during my set in order to connect with people and to help with healing as people here will be recovering for years to come from the 3/11 disaster. Please pray that I will be accepted again. Also, pray for my preparation, both music and Japanese, and for those who will attend.
The jazz fest. judges will let those who have auditioned know whether they made it or not next month by letter. The jazz fest. is in September. If you want to check out their website, follow this link
Just to let you know, it is all in Japanese.

God bless and thank you for praying,


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