Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hey Everyone,

I appreciate the continued interest in what I'm doing musically.
I am beginning a new music project and I wanted to let you know
so that you could be praying with me about it.

As many of you know, I released a self-produced ep last year in
response to the 3/11/11 disaster that devistated Japan. Most of those
songs were written on the heels of that devistating event and were based on
what I had witnessed in the disaster area.
Previous to that time, I had plans to release a full-length album but it was put
on hold in order to release the ep "Come to Me". I have given out physical
CD's of that ep in order to encourage our Japanese friends in our neighborhood
and in the temporary housing. It has been encouraging to hear how the Lord
has used it in people's lives.

The upcoming project will be a kind of chronicle of my journey to the mission
field up to this point. I will begin tracking it this August. I have many Japanese friends
here who are musicians and I want to incorporate them as much as possible on this
project. Many of these people are those whom I have had the privilege of ministering
to and along side of since our 2nd term in Japan. How fitting I thought to get Japanese
people involved in a music project about my mission journey in Japan.
I want this project to sound the best it possibly can. I have been in contact with a
professional mixing engineer who said he would be glad to mix the album and has
given me some pointers as I prepare for tracking.
I ultimately want this project to be an encouragement to all involved and all who
will listen.

Please pray that the tracking will go smoothly, that the people I want to be a part
of this project will have the time to contribute and that the Lord will provide the funds
for mixing and mastering the album.

Sorry this post is so long. I guess I'm just exited about these songs and can't wait to get
this project underway.

Blessings and thanks for this case, reading.


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