Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boku No Uta (2011 Jozenji Street Jazz Festival)

Thank you for praying everyone. The jazz fest. went well. Many people we invited showed up to listen and while doing so they were able to hear the Word of God. I've been trying to use Japanese in my recent songwriting. This is one of those attempts. The chorus is in Japanese (The lyrics are below and I've translated the chorus into English) The name of this song is "My Song". Beford the song, I shared that I am a believer in Jesus and that because Jesus has changed my life I wrote this song for Him. It is hard to hear because it's outside and there is a lot of background noise.

The Lyrics are:


You are the song I sing

Silent, sweet melody

Living in me


You're like a thousand smiles

Spreading through every trial

Assuring me

Jesus, Jesus, You are my song
Jesus, Jesus sing to my heart


You make it all come true

The ending when everything's new

Begins with you

You are the vision no one can see

The source no one can flee

My reason to be

Jesus, Jesus, You are my song
Jesus, Jesus sing to my heart




  1. Kevin
    So good to hear you sing and see you! You have a wonderful voice, Ellen came in the room to see what CD i was listening to and I said it's Kevin!" I think it is awesome how God uses ones gifts, talents & abilities to minister and draw people closer to Him. You are a great example.
    Much love
    Chris Allums

  2. Thank you Chris. I really miss you guys. I think and pray for you often.


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